Katrina Barber and GLOW

Katrina Barber, one of the resident artists at CASM, has recently held an exhibition titled GLOW at Free Range Gallery in Perth. This is an artist-run space at 339 Wellington Street, Perth (east of Barrack Street), and is a small white room with two large windows looking out to the street.

Katrina has been working with inks on perspex creating luscious bright paintings designed to be illuminated from behind. GLOW was made up of several very large illuminated pieces, one a light box on the floor, and a number of smaller pieces hanging on the walls. An appreciative audience of about 40 people were at the opening to hear Leigh Robb, Curator at Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, talk about Katrina’s work.

I had the privilege of being a gallery sitter while GLOW was on display and enjoyed being surrounded by the colour and movement in the work. Visitors to the show really responded positively to Katrina’s paintings and were delighted to have discovered the rather out-of-the-way gallery. It was good to see Katrina’s work on display and we look forward to her show at CASM next year.

Several illuminated pieces in Katrina Barber's GLOW exhibition.

Several illuminated pieces in Katrina Barber’s GLOW exhibition.

Opening night at GLOW

Opening night at GLOW

About Sue Grey-Smith

I'm an artist interested in landscapes. I use pencils and gouache on paper.
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